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My name is Rob Witterschein and many of you have never heard of me before; though in the next several months you will get to know me quite well.  I am running as an Independent for Congress and I assure everyone this will be at least a 3 way race.  While many independent and 3rd party candidates run to expand the discussion or to bring up certain issues I am in this race to win. 

I am running on the platform of a Constitutionally based limited Federal government.  Right now we have a Federal government that has been bought and paid for by the banks, corporations, lobbyists, and special interests.  A Federal Reserve system that has destroyed our money system and engages in bank and corporate bailouts.  A Congress and an Executive branch that spends recklessly with no consequence or ramification.  Multiple illegal and undeclared wars around the world and using our military as the world's police force.  We are slowly losing our rights to free speech, privacy and the right to bear arms.  Our government has also passed legislation such as the Patriot Act and the NDAA that is unconstitutional.  A police state that includes TSA groping and molestation at airports, a War on Drugs, proposed laws to dictate personal relationships and use of the internet, proposed National ID Cards, as well as secret prisons and torture to bully both foreign and domestic persons.

While I fight for freedom and liberty for all, I cannot do it alone.  I need the help of New Jersey's 3rd district as well as people from New Jersey and across the United States.  Join me in this fight to give the power back to the people where it rightfully belongs.

Rob Witterschein for Congress
PO Box 1363
Brick, NJ 08723
Facebook: Rob Witterschein for Congress
YouTube: Robwitterschein

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